“There is History in This Place”

Posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013


Peter_One_foot_Back_D_2Did you know that Faith Skate Supply has been in business for over 18 years??!!  Did you know that skateboarding has thrived here in Birmingham through the support and tireless efforts of many older local skateboarders?   This is a blog we have decided to start that will showcase some of the unsung heroes of Birmingham’s past and present skate scene.   Check it out if you want a little history lesson or if you want to check out some cool old pics from the past.   Thank you to everyone that has been an intricate part of our hometown skate scene.   First post is from yours truly Peter Karvonen and a bit of insight into why I have been skating for over 25 years here in Birmingham Alabama.   Posts will be made whenever we feel inspired to do so… and will generally accompany a Facebook link as well…
Got any old photos, stories, videos from the past???   We would love to showcase them on here.
Hit us up  Peterfaith@aol.com

There is History in This Place Blog

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